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19 October 2011

A Game of Life

Filed under: — Garry @ 7:04 pm

Our very own Pete Darby has decided to dip his toe in the water and start a new gaming blog. Entitled A Game of Life, Pete reckons that it is :

“partly to waffle on generally about games and life, and with one eye on getting material together to engage with and teach “muggles” about the hobby of gaming. A lot of it may look like going over old ground, or teaching you to suck eggs, but it’s with a view to talking to people who never sucked eggs, and if they did, it was a long time ago and the eggs were rotten. Wait, that metaphor ended somewhere stinky.”

Best of luck, Pete, and I’m looking forward to what you’ve got to say - complimentary comments about game club organisation will be gratefully accepted.

27 July 2011

Shut Up & Sit Down - Ep. 2

Filed under: — Garry @ 9:30 pm

The second episode of the new video podcast is now out and this time they concentrate on Descent and its expansions, together with shorter bits on other dungeon crawlers Heroquest and Dungeonquest. One or two nice humorous moments again - trousers of speed, anyone?

Here is the link to the episode

12 July 2011

Shut Up & Sit Down

Filed under: — Garry @ 8:46 pm

There’s a new UK video podcast and blog just out called Shut Up & Sit Down. I’ve watched the first episode and found it very entertaining. A nice humorous style with sections on Citadels, Ghost Stories and Memoir ‘44 plus a tour of Finchley’s finest, Leisure Games, at the start of the episode.

You can find all the details here.

22 January 2011

New UK blog: Rook and Roll

Filed under: — Garry @ 11:54 pm

Gareth Davies has just launched a new blog called Rook and Roll: Board Gaming in the UK - I like the subtitle, although if it were me, I might alter it slightly :)

Only a handful of articles so far but some interesting stuff. You can view the site here.

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