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7 August 2013

The Cast Are Dice 2013

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This weekend is the annual games convention in Stoke-on-Trent, The Cast Are Dice. It runs from 10.00am-10.00pm on Saturday 10th August and 10.00am-8.00pm on Sunday 11th August at Stoke on Trent Sixth Form College ST4 2RU. All the details can be found here.

I’ll only be there on the Saturday but am looking forward to the event as always. And Nick should have copies of Robinson Crusoe, Mascarade, Hey Waiter, and the Dungeon Twister Card Game for me to pick up. Anyone want to teach me Robinson Crusoe?

31 October 2012

Beer & Pretzels Autumn Con

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This weekend on the 3rd and 4th November 2012, there will be an Autumn Beer & Pretzels convention at the Town Hall, Burton on Trent. It runs from 10am to 8pm on the Saturday and 10am to 7pm on the Sunday. Entry is £5 per day or £9 for both. Further details can be found on the Spirit Games website.

10 May 2012

Beer & Pretzels weekend 12-13 May 2012

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This nearly passed me by but the 23rd Beer & Pretzels Games Weekend is being held on 12-13th May 2012 at the Town Hall, Burton on Trent.

With its usual mix of board, card, roleplaying and miniatures games with good food & beer, in a splendid venue.

Open 10.00 - 10.00 on Saturday

10.00 - 7.00 on Sunday

Tickets £5 per day or £9 for both

Further details can be found here.

14 August 2011

The Cast Are Dice 2011

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The Cast are Dice 2011 is coming up next weekend. Unfortunately, I’m going to miss it again as I’m on holiday in Italy. However, here are the details:

Where: Stoke 6th Form College, Leek Road, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 2RU

When: Saturday 20th August 2011 & Sunday 21st August 2011

Times: 10am to 10pm Saturday, 10am to 8pm Sunday

The best board gaming weekend in the UK is finally back!

After two very successful events in 2006 and 2007, there is a new venue for this year, which meets the organiser’s (rather fussy) requirements of being light, clean, airy, and above all family-friendly.

Among other things, there will be:

- A massive games library of approximately 500 titles (or more)

- A shop at the venue where snacks and drinks can be bought

- Other places to eat and drink within easy walking distance

- A hotel for those that need to stay overnight also within very easy walking distance.

- Colour name badges (including BGG avatars, if required) for all weekend tickets booked in advance!

- A free game with every £15 weekend ticket booked in advance!

Don’t miss out on the most fun pure board gaming event of the year! You can book tickets here or just turn up on the day.

14 May 2011

Shire Games moving

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The bad news is Shire Games’ shop on Hope Street, Hanley is closing next week. The good news is they’re opening on Saturday 21st May a new shop at:


41a Parliament Row,

And to encourage you all to go along, Nick is going to do 10% off EVERYTHING in-store only on Saturday 21st May. 

The link to the online store, so you can see what you might want to pick up if you do drop in, is here

15 February 2011

Raiders of the Games Cupboard - 19 March 2011

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Raiders of the Games Cupboard is a quarterly single day event held in Burton on Trent. It is described by Phil Bootherstone of Spirit Games as a mini Beer & Pretzels, but without the beer, and concentrating on board games.

The next gathering is on 19 March 2011 at the Salvation Army Citadel, Mosley Street, Burton on Trent starting at 10.00 am. The cost is £2 and they normally expect between 30 and 50 attendees. Full details can be found here.

12 February 2011

Spirit Gamers

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Phil from Spirit Games dropped me a line to let me know about their local group. Spirit Gamers meets every Wednesday from c.7.30pm at Spirit Games, Station Street, Burton on Trent. They normally get between 8 and 16 attendees and it’s entirely casual. Two other attractions are that it’s free to attend and, apparently, there’s a good pub opposite - well, that’s a surprise for a club based in Burton.

There doesn’t appear to be a club website but, if anyone wanted more information, you could get in touch with Spirit Games whose website is here.

5 February 2011

Trip to Hanley

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Had to go to Hanley today to satisfy Jan and the girls’ retail therapy cravings, so took the opportunity to pop into Shire Games, as you would expect. Finally decided to take the plunge and buy a copy of  The Adventurers while I was there, a fun Indiana Jones style game that I played at Essen in 2009. It takes up to six players, which is good news for when the games club has that awkward number.

Nick also gave me two bits of news. Firstly, The Cast Are Dice games convention looks to be returning in 2011. He’s found a venue close to Stoke station and is anticipating it will be held the second or third weekend in August. Hope it doesn’t clash with when I’m on holiday like the previous events have done. And secondly, he is likely to have a pleasant surprise for fans of the Saboteur card game arriving in the shop early next week.

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