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12 February 2011

Spirit Gamers

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Phil from Spirit Games dropped me a line to let me know about their local group. Spirit Gamers meets every Wednesday from c.7.30pm at Spirit Games, Station Street, Burton on Trent. They normally get between 8 and 16 attendees and it’s entirely casual. Two other attractions are that it’s free to attend and, apparently, there’s a good pub opposite - well, that’s a surprise for a club based in Burton.

There doesn’t appear to be a club website but, if anyone wanted more information, you could get in touch with Spirit Games whose website is here.

9 February 2011

Underground Gamers

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Stuart emailed me to draw my attention to his local game group. The Underground Gamers are a fun board games club from Worthing, West Susssex. The website contains information about the club as well as game reviews and a forum. 

Later this year they are planning a Mini-Con which they are calling a Board Gaming Weekender (to make it sound a little more open and fun) which will be held on 3-4th September in Worthing. The details are on the Underground Gamers site here.

1 February 2011

London on Board - Now meeting twice during the week

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From the start of February, London on Board now meets on two week-nights.

They meet downstairs at the Red Herring Pub, 49 Gresham Street, EC2V 7ET. There is a wide range of games played from gateways to 18xx. Gamers both new to the hobby and grizzled veterans are all welcomed. 

They also meet on at least one Sunday a month, although this is at a different venue.

Full details of the meetings, including dates and registration can be found here.

Oh and did I mention it’s free?

30 January 2011

Newcastle Gamers

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Paul Allwood emailed me yesterday to let me know about his UK game group. Newcastle Gamers are an established group playing Euro games, Board games, Wargames and Card games across the North East of England. According to their website blurb, they are a very friendly club of mixed ages, mixed experience and mixed interests but they come together twice a month to share their common passion for gaming. A large selection of games is always on offer, but people are also welcome to bring their own.

They have just, as of 29th January 2011, changed venue and  now meet at Joseph Cowan House [NE2 1QQ], 21 Portland Terrace in Jesmond, Newcastle. Portland Terrace connects Sandyford Road and Jesmond Road and is very close to Newcastle city centre.

All the details about the club are here.

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