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23 October 2012

Board Game Reviews By Josh

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Received an email today from Josh Edwards inviting me to link to his game review blog. I’m happy to oblige as he covers the same sorts of games as we play and his review style is pretty good with good justification for why he does or doesn’t like a game. The link is in the Other Game Blogs section to the right or you can simply click here.

30 July 2011

Fantasy Premier League 2011/12

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Nige has renewed the Shrews Boardgames fantasy league on the official Premier League game. I think those that played last year are automatically signed up again. However, new players are welcome so why not go along, register and pick your team for the new season at this site. Once you’ve picked your team, sign up for our private league using this code: 170769-152466.

29 January 2011

Boardgamenews contributors are now Opinionated Gamers

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I suppose this¬†should be subtitled “..but they probably always were!”

Now that Boardgamenews has been assimilated by the Borg that is Boardgamegeek, some of the former contributors have got together under resistance leader, Dale Yu, to launch a new blog covering game reviews and columns about gaming i.e. the non-news bits of Boardgamenews. They comprise a veritable “slew” of talented writers and I’m sure there’s going to be some great reading to digest there …. and the odd Ted Alspach comic strip as well!!!!

I’m looking forward to seeing how this develops and you can following along here.

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